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Akia Deyvon Williams began Creative Reaction as a high school dance crew in the year of 2009. He named the crew Creative Reaction because in highschool his favorite pair of sneakers where he felt the most confident and electric to dance in was Creative Recreations. Some may find it a silly story but, he used to make sure to switch into his Creative Recreations whenever it was time for a rehearsal/practice. He also found a play in the words by stating that whenever Creative Reaction concludes a performance, he wants to be sure to leave the audience with a creative reaction!  Raised in Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania, Akia did not have many creative outlets/options growing up. He gained most of his inspiration and initial training via the internet by studying popular industry choreographers, music videos from the greatest artists/entertainers of his time, and dance television shows such as So You Think You Can Dance & America's Best Dance Crew. He always dreamt of starting his own dance company to train others, perform, compete, and eventually tour worldwide and have the opportunity to book his dancers for professional gigs. He turned the dance crew into a company in 2017 following graduating with his Bachelors's degree in Mass Communications & Dance at Bloomsburg University. The company is currently an award-winning team that has also had the opportunity to open up for Pharrell Williams at the Something In The Water Festival 2019. Akia strives to remain innovative with his unique style choreography and creative visions. Every year the company elevates and reaches newer heights and bigger accomplishments. He has so much more in stores for the company and continuously aspires to inspire others. He has an immense passion for seeking growth in other talented individuals. With Akia's leadership qualities and commercial experience, the success of the company has continued to thrive throughout the years! Credits include; BET HipHop Awards, The Color Purple Musical Film, Praise This, BET Awards, Superbowl 56 Halftime Show and more!


CR Company Mission Statement

Creative Reaction is a hip-hop based dance company that focuses on growth, unity,

diversity, and specializes in the performing arts and entertainment field. The

company’s goal is to enhance and elevate each member’s performance by guiding

and training them through the study of dance. CR encourages and pushes each

dancer to strive towards being at their personal best. We often test our skillset as a company by

participating in selective competitions around the country. We are more than a

dance team, we acquire a family oriented dynamic with one another while working

very hard to maintain the caliber the company is expected to arise to. We aspire to

inspire through our natural gift and talents!

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